We are a bunch of walking imprints and impulses, this informs our creativity but it also impedes it. Often we act situationally rather than structurally and it sabotages our ability
to see and grow.

Everyone wants to thrive doing what they love. What relationships and possibilities are at play that impact your path of action?

Understanding the power of structure - and more specifically structural tension - to create desired outcomes is the greatest tool we have to create the change we want to see. 

Sailing straight

Your business may look successful on the surface, Clients are happy and you’re receiving great feedback as to the value that you bring. But unless you are receiving the results that you are actually seeking in your endeavours then the structure is flawed.

Results never lie, they always reveal the truth of the structure in play. Structure has integrity.

And so the ability to create is within you, not outside of you.

Being consciously clear what you’re going for will avoid dilemma and conflict by determining what takes precedence - but for this we must observe objective reality. Because often what we think we’re focused on is not what we’re truly focused on.

Knowing your gold and seeing the dimensions between things will allow wisdom to emerge and transform the way you look at your business. It’s all about energy… specifically creating a path of least resistance to ensure it flows efficiently towards your vision rather than a compromise. Unwittingly we divert our efforts to fixing things. We want to know -

  • What is the energy and where is it going to?

  • Is it going towards your desires or what you think you can have?

I am structurally trained and mentored by the legendary Robert Fritz, USA – ground breaking author of 'Path of Least Resistance' – who has for the last 30yrs taught the fundamentals of structural thinking for the creative process:

Structural Thinking is a discipline in which underlying structure is explored, evaluated from the standpoint of effectiveness, and changed to support desired end results. Often, small changes in a structure cause major changes in a client's life and organisation. These changes, in turn, create a rapid and permanent shift from ineffective behaviour to highly effective behaviour. The outcome is an enhanced ability for the client to create his or her desired end result. This is a method of consulting that gets to the true reality of a situation.

Structure is naturally generative, as witnessed so beautifully in nature's golden ratio. We objectively explore the structural relationships in play between what you are going for and what you are doing, with the purpose of establishing integrity towards your vision.

A consultation will:

  • Review the structural elements in play; where is energy coming from and going to

  • Identify structural conflicts which take you away from your goals

  • Bring awareness and clarity to your goals, centred around a key organising factor

  • Offer alignment – does it have integrity with your mission?​​



  • Immediate tweaks to your business plan – one session delivery

  • Enjoy greater clarity on your efforts and increased confidence in your actions

  • Build your resilience for the unknown

  • Get the results YOU are seeking

A firm tightening of your ship’s sails
to glide through the water effortlessly

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