Discover your gold


We have to go IN to be able to see the true value that you are bringing to your endeavours, your passion. There’s no point just trying to find a place in the market to operate from. It will not serve you to act from a superficial place if there is depth to what you offer. And I believe all endeavours that begin in the heart have depth and validity. We will elicit this “gold” to the surface.

In this workshop we will immerse into your idea, seeing what’s there beyond all the labels, doubt, resistance and internal conflict to witness and hold the gold that is uniquely yours. There is an energy that is supremely yours; whether or not others are on a similar mission. We will discover your dynamic urge to serve and connect with others. And we will bring it back to what’s important to you, because we are serving your heart first. The question is:  What would you truly love?


  • Find deeper clarity on your specific service/mission, on a gut resonating level !

  • Lock in that deeply resonating anchor point and begin to see yourself as an authority

  • Become aware of the vast creative potential to your idea/service

  • Tap into and act from freely available energy…. your own heart, clarified

For true creativity to emerge we need to connect to our heart
and break down those walls made by the mind

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