working with me

Find your gold

A true intention set free will attract effortless receptivity.


Unpeel the layers that are hiding a deeper motivation. I call this process "inverted marketing" because we have to slow down and go inwards to reveal the gold that is the unique source point and drive


This session will:

  • Identify and bring clarity to your dynamic urge

  • Articulate a signature vibration 

  • Establish a pivot point to act from


THE GOLD you hold

Structure is more important than strategy. Structure is naturally generative, as witnessed in Nature's golden ratio.


This reflection and insight session will objectively explore the structural relationships in play between what you are going for and what you are doing, with the purpose of increasing structural integrity towards your goals.

  • Refocus on true desire/goal, rather than what you can get

  • Natural resilience through structural integrity

  • Increased momentum and advancement





Realising dreams as teams is a challenge. Our brains are limiting but our hearts aren't. 


We have to collectively overcome perceived lack and limitation by creating high vibrational structures that enable people to step into their greatness and full creativity, and replace the knee-jerk reaction to problem-solve.

Note, this is not a positivity brigade! 


I consult groups to devise naturally generative organisations, rooted in authenticity and reality.