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I absolutely loved talking through the nuances of how I 'show up' in the world. Sometimes you just need someone smart and direct to help you see what you can't see. Working intuitively and being challenging at the same time is one of Zoe's superpowers.

In the short time we spent together, she unearthed an aspect of me that I've been 'hiding away' and encouraged me to put it at the heart of all I do. It has made all the difference. I'm someone that likes to let things 'land'. Since our session, there has been a calm and subtle redirection of my marketing messages, a realignment of my products and a new found excitement that will see me launching something that pulls all this messaging together.

So would I recommend you do a session with Zoe? For sure! If you want to make a shift or a change, and you are a little 'too close' to the situation, she'll help you see things you've missed, and ensure you get to a resolution that works for you. And it will be a ton of fun, and deliciously motivating too. Her style is to be kind, direct, and very generous with her insights and intuition, which leaves you with information, inspiration and a direction to go in once you've finished.

(I purposely left doing this testimonial for two weeks - knowing that sometimes you get a 'flash in the pan' experience that seems to give you what you need, yet does not stand the test of time. This is not what Zoe delivers. I was inspired on the day, but the grounded sense of excitement I feel around the rightness of this tiny shift in direction has opened up a whole new world that I am and have been excitedly taking action on every day since we spoke.)

In short, if you want some clear thinking and co-creation - just ask Zoe to help you out. She will find the gold that you've been hiding.

Helena Holrick, Helping You Shine, June 2020


Just had a fabulous two hour session in which we got the to core of the energy behind not just the one service that I offer that we were going to discuss, but actually, of the whole of my business and the work I do. 


Recognising that this energy was missing from my awareness now releases me to create marketing content and speak about my business from a whole different standpoint.

If you want to get clarity on your key marketing message - work with Zoe first - because she'll get you to the key essence that you will need to be coming from.

Judith Quin, Your Whole Voice, June 2020


Zoe brings to the table and to your business a vast level of expertise and knowledge. She sets about laying out the foundation for a company with great precision and a layering that is extraordinary. Suddenly through her work it is possible to be truly clear in your objectives. She burrows down into the roots of what is a vision and then puts it before you systematically, and in a methodical way. If you truly mean business in what you want to achieve and need a first class and incredibly enthusiastic person to bring life to the “how" then hope Zoe has time to fit you in to her busy schedule. She will be in great demand. 

Catherine Rolt, Harley St Practitioner, Unravel Disease Naturally


“Been thinking of you recently and been filled with gratitude. I was describing how much impact that workshop day had on me, when we identified fusion as a key thing. It really did improve my consultations the next day I went into work - and it's permanently changed my self-awareness. In no small part you're responsible if I provide good care, good connection to my patients. And that’s what I wanted to say thank you for.”

Atul Kumar-Beurg, Cloud Health, Aug 2018
(18 months following workshop)

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