Finding your gold is finding your way to freedom


And I mean this very practically.

When connecting to and being driven by essence for what we intrinsically love, we are in a robust place to receive it. Why? Because it’s structural. A dominant force is driving the show. And for us, it's the most powerful dynamic there is.

Freedom is found in seeing structure. 

Seeing the relationship between things - and specifically these two points, your true motivation and your desire - is your way to creating an expansive and fulfilling life.

Often we are not operating from our pure essence, but usually from a place of scarcity. We've been taught to think linearly and apply formulaically. This is not objective reality, nor does it induce originality.


When we can see the relationship for what it truly is, it's instantly liberating. And we witness a much stronger foundation to operate from. No new effort or doing, simply adjust the picture and let the energy flow effortlessly towards a more flowing and creative existence.

Are you ready to find your gold?

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