your only task is to expand

In today's fast paced and demanding world we are not acting from essence, we are operating from our circumstances. 

Without your gold, you are subject to weaker structures being in play. i.e. decisions driven from a place of lack or need. Knowing your gold enables you to see what is going on because you're working with your very foundation.

Heart over mind

Your thoughts, feelings and bodily energy is all aligned to the same vibration. That’s why finding your gold is critical to creating an expansive and fulfilling life.

We want to be operating from our very essence, because our very nature will create the structures we want in our lives. Yet we’re mainly driven by our brains which can only orientate by what it knows! And in particular what it thinks it can have. Love will always be more successful at realising an outcome, rather than a projected desire or need. 


The catch is that often we're not aware that weaker structures are in play. When you can see what is going on, all stress dissipates because there is no more figuring out to do. You can see the dynamics and you know where you are.


With need, you’re starting from a limited landscape.

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