Discovering gold

Tap into ever-present potential

All ideas are unique because they are driven by a different motivation.

Without your "gold", you are subject to weaker structures being in play - i.e. decisions that stem from a place of lack or need. Knowing your gold becomes an anchor, a pivot point, enabling you to always see where you're coming from. Because where you're coming from determines where you go to. 

A one-on-one workshop to explore the underlying motivations for your unique ideas.

We uncover a deeper orientation point, and bring you to a new level of awareness and articulation of your inner forces. This session brings clarity and coherence by becoming a key organising factor, revealing vast creative potentiality.

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No idea is the same

- Dive into the heart of your offering to surface the compelling “gold” within,
that vibrational signature which is motivating service to others.


- Get laser specific on your unique vision and send a resonating signal

- Discover your own, authentic path of integrity



We are all a sun-lit moment 

come from a long darkness; 


what moves us always 

comes from what is hidden, 


what seems to be said 

so suddenly, 


has lived in the body 

for a long, long time.


Excerpt from


In ‘David Whyte : Essentials’

Many Rivers Press. January 2020

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