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Find your gold

Identifying a deep and true motivation is critical for success, because where you're coming from affects where you go. And there is vast potentiality at source. 


Often we're fired up from a place of scarcity. This workshop serves you to locate a deep orientation to enable you to:

  • Find deeper clarity on your specific service/mission, on a gut resonating level !

  • Lock in that deeply resonating anchor point and begin to see yourself as an authority

  • Stripped back to its essence, start to realise the vast creative potential to your idea/service

  • Notice how you can tap into and act from freely available energy…. your own heart, clarified


the GOLD you hold

Structural consultation. Everything is the result of structure, so it's more powerful strategy.

This reflection and insight session will objectively explore the structural relationships in play between what you are going for and what you are doing, with the purpose of increasing structural integrity towards your goals.

  • Refocus on true desire/goal, rather than what you can get

  • Natural resilience through structural integrity

  • Increased momentum and advancement





Realising dreams as teams is a challenge. Our brains are limiting but our hearts aren't. 


We have to collectively overcome perceived lack and limitation by creating high vibrational structures that enable people to step into their greatness and full creativity, and replace the knee-jerk reaction to problem-solve.

Note, this is not a positivity brigade! 


I consult groups to devise naturally generative organisations, rooted in authenticity and reality.

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