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“Don’t ask what the world needs,
ask what makes you come alive”

not a marketer

I do things differently.


I’m passionate about people stepping into their greatness. The world is full of potential to create what is in our hearts, individually and collectively.

As a Structural Consultant and passionate creator I work with people who have a desire or an idea, guiding them in their vision, without having to follow a formulaic blueprint.


There is no preclude to having what you want. Creating is 100% structural and empowering.


I am driven by possibility and my mission is to enable people to access the gold that exists within, for a sustainable and gratifying future for themselves and for us all.

Specialise in working with group/community projects to call on our collective creative prowess, to stay in flow once a dynamic urge has been identified.

Wherever you are in your journey, your essence doesn’t change and it’s a continual learning process to be in flow.


Zoe and I have trained and worked together as coaches and facilitators for many years. She combines a sharp intellect with kindness and empathy, and has a rare ability to execute with vision. Her most outstanding quality might be her skill in putting clear structure around how people can share their unique gifts with the world. She works with integrity and heart. I would recommend her very highly.

Yui Kamikawa

Global Sustainability Director


Zoe has assisted in facilitating workshops with SuperGenius with great care, skill and focus. Zoe has the patience to ensure that all participants are involved and learning whilst also keeping the audience engaged. Zoe's best quality is genuine care for each person and it's a pleasure having Zoe on the team of facilitators as we know she will do an excellent job every time.

Ryan Pinnick, CEO

Supergenius/Natural Success
Personal Development

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