How about seeing your business idea work for you, rather than the other way around?

Reviewing where you’re pivoting from can be truly liberating. It’s not about finding a fresh angle, or way to connect, it’s often just moving out of the way of what you’re obscuring. Likely problem is you’re too close to see it. But the benefits don’t stop at simply reaching an audience.

  • How can you ensure true originality?

  • Where is your focus?

  • How do you know you’re making the right decisions?

  • What is your cornerstone? Where do you find faith on an unknown path?

With an inherent structure for creativity revealed, responding situationally no longer leads the march and it is an empowering place to be.


Yui Kamikawa, Global Sustainability Director, Coca-Cola, Nov 2019

Zoe and I have trained and worked together as coaches and facilitators for many years. She combines a sharp intellect with kindness and empathy, and has a rare ability to execute with vision. Her most outstanding quality might be her skill in putting clear structure around how people can share their unique gifts with the world. She works with integrity and heart. I would recommend her very highly.


Ryan Pinnick, CEO, SuperGenius/Natural Success Trainings, Dec 2019

Zoe has assisted in facilitating workshops with SuperGenius with great care, skill and focus. Zoe has the patience to ensure that all participants are involved and learning whilst also keeping the audience engaged. Zoe's best quality is genuine care for each person and it's a pleasure having Zoe on the team of facilitators as we know she will do an excellent job every time.

Suzi Dickinson, 1-1 Client - Suzi's Dreams, May 2020

WOW! I have just had the most amazing session with Zoe, she brought thoughts to the forefront of my consciousness and helped me to put them into words, she assisted me in finding my truth to what I want to bring forth into the world, what I ache to create. If you would like to create your business but don’t know where to start the I highly recommend this incredible woman.
Thank you, Zoe.