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Structural Consulting

The business of creating and unlocking potential​


We all seek some form of structure in our lives. Often we look outside of ourselves to find what we need to support us. We perhaps imitate someone else's formula for success, and in that action we give our innate creative power away. ​


Creating is structural. But we can also create what we don't want. Finding internal clarity and awareness is key, because there is always some form of structure in play governing outcomes.


We just can't always see it. Empowering people to see the structure they're in delivers a sharp reality to course correct, and using structural tension will propel desired results.


Tension is not inert, it is a force which when applied creates an advancing dynamic - sustaining momentum towards our aspirations.


We simply have to get out of the way first.

Every idea, every person has a unique brilliance, a specific resonance that just needs setting free. 


No gimmicks, no formulas.

If you’re seeking more from your efforts or you're stuck,
don't waste time trying to figure it out.  
Everything is a result of structure, let's join the dots for you.

structure is more powerful
than strategy

how do you know you're making the best decisions?

how are you
harnessing your
unique motivation?

Screenshot 2020-12-10 at 15.17.45.png

No idea is the same

- Dive into the heart of your idea or vision to surface the “gold” within,
that unique vibrational signature that carries a compelling force

- Get laser specific on your unique vision and send a resonating signal

- Discover your own, authentic path of integrity

working TOGEther

Are you seeing advancing growth?

Are you communicating your unique value effectively?

Are you realising your business goals in strength and integrity?

Is your team sowing and growing a shared vision?




find your gold


Go deeper than surface level statements, and take a dive into your dynamic urge, an infinite resource.


the gold
you hold


Explore what's in play to advance your goals. It's not personal, it's structural.


for gold


Not all vision is seen the same. How do you get a bunch of hearts singing together to achieve
dreams as teams?

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